My X12s worked fine until I was booted from a party, and when I joined again I couldn't hear any chat audio others were completely silent ,but they could hear me and talk to each other.

Technical Specification

I made sure that all the wires are connected externally, not inside the turtle beaches. This happened about 40 mins ago, and my turtle beaches are less than 1 year old. I was hoping you would be able to help me i have an echo issue but, its on the PC and its causing me to sound like a robot and the echo help only seems to work for the xbox.

I accidentally plugged my cord for the controller in the cord for the game sound and chat sound and vice versa. There is no green or red light on it's just off. I can't talk in the mic but I can faintly hear the game and chat volume. Is it broken or can I fix it? I was in the middle of a game and my mic just turned off randomly. The light signaling whether its on or off has no light and I can hear faint audio.

So these headphones were working fine until I unplugged them from my computer and tried plugging in my sony headphones I normally use them for my phone Then the sony headphones didn't work and when I tried plugging in the turtle beaches there's no sound. Hi I recently purchased the x12 headset and when i hook it up to my XBOX and play with my friends, it is constantly cutting them off and i can barely make out what they are saying. Hi Max, my X12's have been working perfectly up till a couple days ago, when I'm skyping with my friends, they say they can hear a buzzing noise from my mic - and I can hear it too I assume because of the 'hear what you're saying' feature , I've only had the X12's for a couple months Hello max , my x12's are working fine , ingame sound and all that but for some reason when i go to record my voice for videos it wont detect voice , all the cables are in the right colours and i have checked my audio , the only thing i can see wrong is that it says cable not detected but they are tight in ive tried a few times but its still not working , i only recently got them.

I'm getting extremely frustrated. I see others on the internet with the same problem, but I can't seem to find a friggen solution. Why won't it work Hey i just got my turtle beach headset for the ps3 and have everything connected to the right spots but its not letting me change the audio device settings like i was told to do it wont let me use my mic i mean i can hear myself talking so i know it works its just that no one else can hear me any suggestions u have will be great.

I got Windows 7 Using it on a PC and when i try to use the mic. It works fine and everything but when i speak into it. It plays the voice back to me and my sound control panel doesn't show the microphone. I believe it is when I move the wire that connects from the "volume controller" to the xbox controller. I don't know if there is a way to fix this, or if I should just not move around at all impossible.

When ever i plug my turtle beach x12 Nothing happens It was working fine the day before but now i can't hear anything and my friends can't hear me.. My turtle beach X12's mic won't work. All wires and cables are plugged in properly but people still can't hear me. I'm not sure what's wrong could anybody please help?

Hello, my turtle beaches x12 for Xbox were working perfectly today and I unpluged them for a while and I connected them again and I can't hear any chat I put my volume all the way up but I can't hear my friends , they can hear me but I can't please help me. Hey, my turtle beaches won't work at all.

They worked fine a little while ago, but now the green light on the area where you change the volume is off. All my cords are placed correctly. My friends hears themselves when im using my x12 headset, they say its really annoying is there a way to fix it, im using it on a pc with windows 7. Hi I have the x12 and whenever i launch fullscreen applications the sound coming in from other sources Teamspeak, mumble etc go down so much I can't hear anyone talking. I have to relaunch the voip or apply new settings for the sound to come back to normal.

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I have the Xbox I have the x12s and it shows the mic thing as if my mic is pluged I. But they can't hear me. Only for a split second when I wiggle the USB cord into the port. When plugged into xbox controller I can't hear friends but they can hear me. Apparentaly, my friends are telling my that my headset is making a staticy noise.

I don't hear it, but they say its on and off. When i unplug the wire from the headset and plug it back in, it stops for just 5 seconds and starts the noise again. My headset is the Turtle beach earforce x I had them for i think almost 8 months and it worked fine and i could hear everyone perfect My friends can hear themselves after they talk in party chat on the xbox. After around mins people in my party start to hear a loud noise like static and buzzing and there is no way to stop it without removing the mic cable even when it is put back in it still will contiune making this noise until the xbox is rebooted, also sometimes when i first join a party or create on even though i can hear my voice in the background of the speakers there is no audio detection.

I am sending these back tomorrow i just would like to know if you know what is wrong with it. I turned down the audio recordinh volume in windows itself and moved the mic much closer to the mouth.

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  4. I have a dell inspiron , and when I go to the Recording tab in sound the Turtle beach pop's up and its all connected but it says it's disconnected. Everything is plugged into my computer correctly and firmly, yet when i go to look in my audio devices i see nothing other than my sound system, i have looked everywhere yet i cannot get my headset recognized by my computer. The headset is a week old, and i have never tried to use it on my pc before.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    I pluged everything in the right spot it comes on and the mic wont let me talk and isn't muted and the audio from the tv wont come on to my turtle beaches! Alright so i just got a brand new xbox controller and the x12 turtle beach headset, only problem is i had bought a black controller to match the headset and every time i talked there was nothing but static so i exchanged the controller for another one.

    It did the same thing until i exchanged the black ones out for a white one, everything was working ok. Now im getting complaints that when i talk it sounds like theres a fan in the back ground and when i stop talking the mic still shows saying im still talking. I have no idea what could be wrong and i definitely can't take it back to walmart to exchange it. Ok so my x12's mic isn't working. The sound from the game is find but when I speak it doesn't read through the headset of something..

    But if I immediately plug in my x11's everything works fine.. I don't have money for a new one and have no other mic on acount of the x11's breaking. I'm going to best buy, they said to bring them in and get a new pair, i have no clue what could have caused the problem, they were fine! Thanks very much Max, i appreciate your help: Make sure the mic aspect of the headset is enabled and turned up. I don't know what operating system you're using, but dig around in the audio settings for the mic component and check which mic is selected and the volume to see if this helps.

    How To Properly Setup Up Turtle Beach X12's On A PC

    I'll go home and connect my headset to my PC tonight and take a look at things and see how it's set up and let you know if I find anything out. I played around with my headset on the Xbox and PC, and I can't replicate this problem at all or really get a grip on what could cause this. Sorry I couldn't help. I think your best bet is to get in touch with Turtle Beach, as this seems like an issue that's beyond me.

    Hello, i have the beaches x12 and they work perfect on the xbox but when i plug them into my desktop pc to use for skype and such, the mic does not work or isn't getting recognized whatsoever. Everything is plugged in and i can hear from them but the mic wont work, is there a way to fix it or is it a defect?

    You'll have to change that in your audio output settings, and accessing that is, I think, slightly different depending which version of Windows you're using. Check the advanced audio options on your computer. That's about the only thing I can think of. Also, make sure all of the headset's cables are connected to the correct inputs. It is a strange problem. Also, check the audio settings associated with chatting on the game you're playing.

    I think that may be your problem. I bought these to play online multiplayer on my PC Windows 7 , and everything works great--can chat, hear the game--but other players' voices won't come through the headset. I can hear them on my speakers, but not the headset. They hear me fine when I talk into the mic, so I'm not sure what's going on. It was a wire problem.

    How to Get Turtle Beach Headsets to Work on My PC

    I took it to the store and got a new pair. Thanks for trying though. I'd disconnect other non-essential devices connected to the other USB ports on your computer, restart it and then connect your headset and see if it works. Try connecting the headset to another computer or a gaming system. If the headset works, it sounds like there may be an issue with your sound card, but I can't say for certain without seeing the computer.

    Sorry I can't be more specific, but it doesn't sound like the problem is with your headset. Try connecting the headset to your computer to see if it works. If you're still experiencing the same problem, the headset cable may be damaged or defective in some way, and your best bet in that case is to contact Turtle Beach. However, if the headset works without issue when connected to the PC, navigate to the Sound part of your Xbox's settings and ensure the game and chat audio are both turned up, and that the system is set up to output audio to the headset.

    There is one other thing you can do: Connect a two-prong adapter to your Xbox 's power cable and see if you still experience the problem. Also my mic does not work either. Is the amp not receiving power?

    I have barely had them for a month. When I plug this in to my xbox using the correct component setup I get a very small amount of sound or no sound at all. When I hook up my mic to my PC, for some reason a problem occurs that I can't find a solution for on the internet. When I plug it in, with all the cables, the sound comes through for a second, then it dies and no sound comes out.

    When I then unplug it, no sound comes out of the computer until I shut it off and turn it back on. The mic won't work either, again, until I turn off my PC. I don't know what causes this, and I need help, please respond.

    Turtle Beach X12 Xbox One S compatibility : xboxone

    Do you get any sound if you don't put pressure on the wire? Skip to main content. All Auction Buy it now. Microphone monitoring — Love the sound of your own voice?. Now you can hear it in your headset. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. I bought this in error as I thought it was compatible with my sons playstation. This is the turtle beach x12 for Xbox It is on its original box, although opened before realising it was the wrong headset.

    It has never been used or worn and is in as new condition, excluding some tear damage to packaging. These a brand new but with NO packaging! Never ever been used, just sat in a box on top of my wardrobe for some time! With separate connections for microphone and line signals, the Turtle Beach X12 makes a suitable PC gaming headset. Model X12, Ear Force X Platform Microsoft Xbox , PC. With separate connections for microphone and line signals, the X12 also makes a great PC gaming headset. I am only selling as a new headset was gifted as Xmas present In good condition Upgrade kit brand new and boxed.

    Only opened but not used as new headset came with connector Please have a look at my other listings as I am happy to combine postage if more than one listing is won Thank you for looking. Excellent condition as son genuinely only used these once then lost interest. Still have the packaging cellophane on logos! Will post eBay Shutl or collection from Hartlip, Kent All my items come from a clean, smoke-free home and I do not sell anything I would not be happy to purchase myself.

    My sons old headset that he has barely used. Practically brand new comes with guide book and turtle beach sticker. Also works for PC gaming. Let's you hear what you're saying while talking. Turtle beach x12 officially licensed Xbox headset Amplified stereo gaming headset Wired Boxed in very good condition.