12 things you should know before dating a low maintenance girl

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This is technically fulfilling that need, right? She's never been closer to his junk, now that her fingers are crushing it into a pulpy mass of shame and pain. It's probably a good thing that he'll never be capable of maintaining an erection again, because if wanting it means that he's cheating on her, being physically incapable of it must be the ultimate sign of fidelity. Double standards aren't fair. Why should a guy ask his significant other to keep up appearances if he's not willing to himself?

So, in a show of solidarity, he shoves his percolating homophobia back into the deepest recesses of his subconscious, pulls his hair clippers out of the closet and start grooming his manly regions. Heck, he figures he might as well get in shape, too, so he tries a new workout routine at the gym. According to Cosmo , this isn't just a sign that he's hiding something, it's a sign that he's outright cheating on her:. His heart is true. If your man starts grooming down there without you requesting it, that could be an indication that he's spending more time naked,' says Vranich.

You can actually thank porn for this tipoff. Guys today are used to viewing manscaped dudes onscreen, so if he has another chick to impress with his sexual prowess, he may emulate those ultra-trimmed guys. He's spending more time at the gym. Who exactly are you trying to impress, hypothetical man, what with all the weightlifting and the pruning? That can't possibly be the case.

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She's got crippling self-esteem problems, thanks in no small part to all of these Cosmo articles, so she'll never believe that you started doing things out of consideration for her, nor even for your own health and personal well-being. No, the only possible explanation for your sudden interest in sit-ups is that later that night you're attending the most vile orgy that history has seen since Caligula. You'd be surprised how many calories hedonism burns. Fiery punishment awaits the man stupid enough to try to improve his physical appearance for his girlfriend without her asking:.

That's what you get for exercising. Hopefully the burning won't kick in until he's hip-deep in writhing skanks, so as to optimize the casualties, like a genital-based revenge grenade. That'll teach you to take up jogging, you morally bankrupt pervert. Look, our man here trusts his girlfriend and all, but lately she's been doing some odd stuff, like poisoning him and crushing his testicles. Maybe giving out personal passwords so readily just isn't a good idea. It's just not a smart thing to do.

So if he's being unfaithful, he may guard his gadgets or act really defensive when you innocently touch his phone or computer. It should be a giant red flag if he readily gave you passwords in the past, and now he's more evasive. Get ready for either solitude or the joy of library computing.

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He didn't feel it was her business to have complete, unrestricted access to his business email. There is literally no possible reason for that kind of mistrust; what has she done in the past to give him reason to doubt her? Was it the Sharpie mustache that may have gotten him fired? Who keeps bringing it up?

Is it that vacuum-hearted bitch from space, Sarah?

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Naturally, Cosmo 's revenge list has the perfect answer for this particular transgression:. It was a sassy act of revenge. Doesn't that grant me immunity? Well, so much for being overly protective of his gadgets. Just give her the goddamn passwords! That's what love is all about, you know: Man, how did an uptight guy like him ever land a cool chick like her? He's always fretting over everyday things, but he'd better do something about that, before the stress tears them apart. So, he promises himself that, from now on, he's not gonna let the trivial things bother him.

Not the theft, or the attempted murder, or even the genital mutilation. It's time to just let the small things slide. A three-bar-a-day Xanax habit helps with that. This is how he should look at all times. If, after all of the horrible things Cosmo has demanded she do to him, he is still capable of smiling at anything, it must be because he's getting some random sex and attention on the side.

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So he's not gonna sweat the small stuff, huh? Here's how his girlfriend might decide to test that, care of Cosmo:. All your friends will need to be hospitalized.

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It is immaculately clean, the staff are always After staying at the Cosmo multiple times, I had never had the pleasure of visiting the spa until I decided to get a massage and facial. Hands down, possibly one of the best massages I We went in not knowing sure what to expect. Two of us 45 ish year olds went as part of a girls getaway.

The Hammam room was clean and warm.

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Good things, the scrubs smelled amazing and were lovely , especially on tired legs and Fitness coach Palani Mak is a talented, engaging, friendly lead and developer This has been my worst experience ever and ruined my Vegas wedding!! We booked what a private cabana before we came here for the wedding celebration. A lot of money was exchanged Its unfortunate, especially when the Palazzo has almost 2x as many amenities and the services are cheaper to begin with for the exact same quality. I tried asking if One of the most important tips to learn when traveling to Vegas is that every high end hotel has a spa.

For between bucks, you can enjoy a day at some of the best spas you've ever seen and enjoy relative privacy. As a spa enthusiast, i loved the beauty and elegance of the Sahara Spa. It was the perfect combination of relaxing vibe combined with world class therapists. I like to buy day passes to most of the hotels I stay at to enjoy the amenities. It does have a beautiful pool and the standard steam room and hot Amazing entrance the crystal bar is Gorgeous as you open the door The view is stunning the staircase up to the next level is full of crystals and the bar is called the chandelier bar beautiful and amazing as you walk through to the street It is immaculately clean, the staff are always friendly and professional, and the layout is very user friendly.

Its on floor 14 - so the view looks North down the Strip, although is partially blocked by Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox.