Safest Location For Valuables
– Lagos Nigeria

Do you have any of these?
You should consider a Safe deposit box from Bulwark Vault today!


Credit cards
Special codes and passwords
Birth certificates
Adoption papers
Photographs and negatives
Marriage certificates


Rare coins
Limited Edition Wristwatches
Expensive Jewelry
Family Heirloom
High-value tools
Irreplaceable personal items


Blueprints – industrial/others
Trademark & copyright papers
Organization documentation
Contractual agreements


Hard drives
Computer Disks
Digital documents
Data Archives

Items you can not store at
Bulwark Vault


Biological Agents

Chemical Agents

Radioactive Agents

Why you should consider our
safe-deposit boxes

Protect your values and Identity

Bulwark Vault is a facility designed solely for one purpose – to secure your valuables. It has been designed to provide privacy and protection of your valuables against theft, fire, snooping, damage and tampering.

Our safe deposit boxes come in a range of sizes from the ones you might use for jewelry and documents, to ones big enough for bigger valuables. Your valuables are protected around the clock by professionally trained staff.

Get Privacy

Where you keep your valuables should be no one’s business but yours. Like anywhere else in the world, your privacy is our main priority. Whatever information is given is kept strictly confidential. Our biometric authentication systems keep your identity from being falsified by anyone else.

We have secure rooms in which you can transfer your valuables with complete privacy. In deed, our entire ultra secure environment was designed for protecting you and your valuables.

Get secured access and convenience

Unlike banks, Vault Safe Deposit Boxes are our primary business, not an inconvenience. When you arrive you get fast, professional service and immediate access to your box after following our security protocols.

Bulwark Vault is centrally located with easy on and off access to the major roads. You will find parking just steps from our door. We are open 24/7, every day of the year.

Safer than a bank

Don’t wait, banks don’t protect your privacy, and safes are not entirely safe. If you want to protect your valuables, they should not be in your homes or offices. If you want to keep them confidential, get them out of the bank.

Call us today or send us an email to get an appointment. Enjoy convenient parking and easy access to major roads. Our staff is at your immediate service, there is no safer or more confidential place for your valuables in Lagos.